Creating Unity & Strategic Alignment within a Multi-stakeholder Coalition

Our client, a steadfast coalition of healthcare providers, found themselves navigating a shifting healthcare landscape. As the broader health system has reorganized itself, new leadership and stakeholders have redefined their roles, inadvertently diluting the team’s once-unified sense of purpose. Compounding the challenge, funders were growing increasingly skeptical of the coalition's effectiveness, while stakeholders and partners clamored for more substantial results without clear alignment on the change they collectively desired to see. In this context, the pressing imperative became clear: a fresh vision was needed urgently to reignite both support and passion for their core mission.

Our Approach
We embarked on a transformative journey to redefine their strategic direction, with the aim of igniting inspiration and unity among all stakeholders.  This was both exploratory, intuitive, and methodical because various stakeholders held very contrasting opinions of where the coalition ought to focus.
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Gathering Feedback
We created a stakeholder map to identify key relationships with leaders, funders, and care continuum partners. From there, we structured and led a series of open listening sessions. These were intentionally designed and orchestrated to gather insights, opportunities, as well as candid, challenging feedback in a constructive manner.
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Next, we facilitated a series of workshops with the team, working both collaboratively and asynchronously. Within these forums, we fostered an environment that encouraged candid and open conversations, exploring their core values, aspirations, and envisioning the transformation they sought to achieve. We digested challenging insights in ways that fostered deeper reflection, and mutual trust and respect. It was through this dynamic exchange that a shared vision organically began to take shape.
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During this process, we explored a series of different collaborative frameworks, each offering a unique blend of agility, autonomy and decision-making norms. Our objective was to provide thoughtful insights to assist the team in redefining the assets and resources brought forth by each party to the coalition, while also enhancing clarity regarding expectations, including the commitment of each party to collective advancement.
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Strategic Planning
With newfound context on the “what” and “how” behind the team, we co-created the strategic plan. This plan not only addressed immediate operational necessities but also accentuated the team’s higher purpose and the positive impact across the care continuum they could catalyze. More importantly, it featured objectives and goals along a time horizon with defined outcomes, allowing for greater accountability and commitment to impact.
Strategic Plan and Renewed Commitment
The strategic plan has revitalized the organization by injecting a renewed commitment to its mission across the team, its partners, and stakeholders. Through active engagement, leadership has re-engaged deeply with the coalition's shared mission. The output of the plan, along with its developmental journey, has fostered stronger bonds within the team and extended its collaborative reach across the care continuum.