Navigating Strategic Crossroads 

Our client, a global professional services leader with a vast workforce, contemplated a radical shift: transitioning their shared corporate IT function into localized business unit operations. With the weight of substantial investment in IT Shared Services, the impacts on employees, and the imperative of uninterrupted business operations, Good Works Collective was entrusted to deliver an objective evaluation and strategy for the Canadian operations.

Our Approach
We focused on connecting the business strategy to a defined set of parameters and choices for IT operating model design. Our client was primarily concerned with enabling business continuity and enabling competitive capabilities for success, while mitigating risks and unnecessary investments. Accordingly, we worked collaboratively with a cross-section of key decision makers and stakeholders to explore the business strategy, current state operating model, as well as future-oriented considerations and essential capabilities within a defined time horizon and investment envelope.
Technical Analysis icon.
Document Analysis
We studied over 50+ documents detailing the firm's business strategy, IT assessments, architecture, processes, and cybersecurity protocols.
Capability Evaluation icon.
Capability Evaluation
Rigorously assessing the firm's technological strengths and weaknesses, we scrutinized technology debt, IT maturity, skills, and delivery capacity.
Leadership and User Insights icon.
Executive and User Insights
Through engaging with a diverse range of interviews with executives, managers and end-users, we gained deep insights into the firm's urgency, criticality, and specific needs.
Governance Assessment icon.
Governance Assessment
We analyzed the firm's decision-making and governance structures to evaluate the viability of a BU-specific vs. shared IT service model.
Strategic IT Operating Model and Roadmap
Our strategic guidance delivered a robust IT operating model featuring a clear transition plan, comprehensive cost projects and critical success markers. This blueprint paved the way forward and secured endorsement from the executive leadership team. Ultimately, we empowered the client to make a pivotal choice regarding their IT operating model – a decision critical for future business enablement and risk mitigation.